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Updated February 15, 2016

Please plan to attend the March 13th Annual Meeting.  Items can be brought up by Members, discussed and voted on as long as more than 50 homes are represented.


 Next Board of Directors Meeting

Annual Meeting prior to BOD Meeting (Possible Voting)

March  13, 2017   7:00 PM



Great Cypress Deed Restrictions and Park Documents
Declarations (Property owner restrictions)
By-Laws (mostly concerning Board of Directors)

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News Around Great Cypress

February 2016 Newsletter
Please contact Deb Brown
deb@kdjbrown.com  via email and request a newsletter emailed to you.

Christmas Party


Haloween Party 2016



Pool Party and Pig Roast


St. Patrick's Party

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Election Results


2015 Christmas Party

Click here for more Photos If anyone had taken photos at the party, please send to the chad@greatcypress.com and I will post them here.  Thanks   Chad



Elvis in Great Cypress Village (click for more pix)

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Click on above photo for video

Document Changes now available on the "Home Owner's Page"
Please email either MHURST002@tampabay.rr.com or chad@greatcypress.com  and you will be sent instructions to enter in order to maintain security of Park Information. 

Valentines Party 2015
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Christmas Party 2014
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Pool Party 2014 Click underlined for more photos

Italian Dinner and Auction
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Valentines Day  Click underlined for more photos

Super Bowl Party and Flower Planting

New Years Party 2013


Christmas Party 2013

Toy Drive and Cookie Swap December 2013

4th of July Party  

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The Pig Roast

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How to calculate our percentage of houses with no occupant over 55

Total houses in community       149
Unoccupied houses                 -10
Total Occupied                        139
Houses with no one 55             10
Divide 139 by 10 = percentage for HUD  or  07%
We could have 27 homes with no one over 55 and still maintain percentage under 20% based on 139 homes occupied. 

16324 Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 63 / Friday, April 2, 1999 / Rules and Regulations

The new requirements under HOPA are equivalent to the original provisions of the Fair Housing Act. Like the original section 807(b)(C) of the Act, HOPA requires that a facility or community seeking to claim the 55 and older exemption show three  actors: (1) That the housing be intended and operated for persons 55 years of age or older; (2) that at least 80 percent of the occupied units be occupied by at least one person who is 55 years of age or older; and (3) the housing facility or community publish and adhere to policies and procedures that demonstrate its intent to qualify for the exemption. The housing facility or community must also comply with rules issued by HUD for the verification of occupancy.

From Federal Register /Vol. 64, No. 63 / Friday, April 2, 1999 /Rules and Regulations 16325

A unit which is occupied, even if temporarily vacant while its residents are absent seasonally, on vacation, or hospitalized, for example, is still occupied by that resident. If, on the other hand, a unit is leased by its owners during their absence, its current occupants, not its owners, are considered for purposes of the exemption.



Home Owners Page

There is a page on this site that provides much information for actual Home Owners.  This page can only be entered easily but you must know how to do it. Please email either MHURST002@tampabay.rr.com or chad@greatcypress.com  and you will be sent instructions to enter in order to maintain security of Park Information. 

55+ Document to verify age

 Any new residents, either owner or renter needs to fill out the above form to help us verify that we are following the guidelines of a 55+ Park.  Drop it in the slot in the office door at the clubhouse.


Documents of the Park - Filed with the County January 27, 2009
Declarations (Searchable)
By-Laws (Searchable)

Pool Party April 2011
(click here for photos)

Board of Directors and Committees For 2016/2017


Please do not open the gate or enter the area without disarming the alarm system.  There is a box mounted on the fence to the right of the gate.  Inside there is a keypad.  Type in the 4 digit code using the keypad.  

When you close and lock the gate, simply press the “Away” Key and close the box

The alarm system uses 12 volt power for all of it's functions.  There is no way to get a shock from touching the box or the fence.

If the alarm is sounding:  Press  * then 2 – this will give a code on the screen as to the zone that caused the alarm to go off. 
Note that code (it show where the break-in occurred – then press 4 digit code which will stop the alarm

We will be changing the code from time to time to maintain security.

Problems: Jack Fair 727-857-4416       



Home Owners Page

This page can only be entered by direct link.  Please email either MHURST002@tampabay.rr.com
or chad@greatcypress.com
 and you will be sent the link.  Once there, save it as a favorite for future access.  

Park Documents (Word Version)

Photo Archive 

Sock Hop Jan 2013

Pig Roast
St Patricks Day
Christmas Party 2013
New Years Party 2013
Super Bowl Party and Flower Planting

Valentines Day
Italian Dinner and Auction
Pool Party 2014
Christmas Party 2014

Elvis Night
2015 Valentines Party

Christmas Party


November Picnic

Christmas Party 2010

Installing Reid House



Christmas Party Dec 2011
Halloween Party Oct 2011
Annette Remembrance
Storm Damage
Pool Party April 2011


Karaoke with Jim
Christmas Party 2012

4th of July 2012
Father's Day
Mother's Day

St. Patrick's Party
Winter Get Together's
2012 Mothers Day


Christmas Party

Luau & Karaoke 

Karaoke Night Great Fun



Yard Sale February

Christmas Party





   Meat Loaf Dinner
Betty & Joey 50th Party
St. Pats Party

65th Anniversary Marci & Mario
Blue Grass Festival
Thanksgiving and Decorating
George Quail 90th
Christmas Party 2007



   Snow Bird Party



Thanksgiving Feast

Newest Citizen Celebration

Hurricane of 04 Photos

Pool Party and BarBQue

Italian Dinner March 2004



Christmas Party 2003

Flood Photos

Homer Noodleman

St. Patrick's Day Dinner


Valentine Party

New Years Party Marylyn Morris
 and Chad & Barbara Reid



2002 Christmas Party

Thanksgiving Photos by John Fischetti 

Photos of Putt Putt Challenge by Marilyn Morris

Photos by John of our Park

Nan's Retirement Party  

St. Patrick's Party 

Ray's Birthday Party 

Pictures of the Garage Sale Saturday March 2nd 2002




Cleanup of Houston Ave. Complete

Fashion Show Pictures 11-23-01  & Additional Photos of Fashion Show by John Fischetti

Christmas Party Pictures  

Pizza Party  

Photos Around the Park  

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